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"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

 Bert, Bing, Brian, Elijah Howard December 2005  Bert, Bing, Brian, Elijah Howard December 2005
 Bert, Bing, Brian, Elijah Howard December 2005  Bert, Bing, Brian, and Elijah Howard Dec 2005

Bert, Bing. Brian, and Elijah Howard, Dec 2005

The Howards, Founded 1989
Firmly Established in Christ in 1995

BING, ELIJAH (8) & BRIAN (13), AND BERT - DEC 2005

Hello and thank you for visiting our site. That's me (Bing) on the left and on the right is my husband, Bert. We have two wonderful boys, Brian and Elijah. These photos were taken at a wedding on December 18, 2005. Bert was the best man and had to wear his navy dress mess uniform. Elijah was the ring bearer.
Brian was born at Cubi Point Hospital, Subic Naval Base - Philippines on May 13, 1992, almost one year after the infamous Mt. Pinatubo eruption that caused the historic evacuation of over 19,000 US military personnel and families from the Philippines. Elijah was born on the 4th of July, 1997 at Tripler Army Hospital, Hawaii. We were supposed to be at a Chapel Picnic, but my husband wanted a 4th-of-July baby, so I went on ahead and pushed! Our Barber's Point Protestant Chapel congregation prayed for me during the picnic! It's also interesting to note that 4th of July in the Philippines is Filipino-American Friendship Day.
Well by now, it should be obvious to you that our family is a blend of two exciting cultures, East meets West! And as we travel all around the world, we pick up bits and pieces of each culture.
Bert calls Alabama-The-Beautiful his home. Bert is a P-3 pilot in the Navy or what you call a Naval Aviator and an Officer. He has served for over 20 years. As of this writing, we are seriously considering his retirement plans. We are looking at possibly staying in the Navy for another tour. Every three years, the navy moves us to a new duty station , we usually have a 30-day leave and visit his parents and relatives in Alabama. Mom and Dad live in a small town called Seale, deep in the country side: beautiful , woods, wild berries, fishing, hunting, rattle snakes, and not very many people!
In contrast, I came from the Philippines and was born and raised in the city of Manila where almost 10 million people live according to the 2000 Census. When I was a little girl, it seemed we had more than 15 million people! Manila is the capital of the Philippines and everyone comes from everywhere to do business there. My cousins from the provinces lived with us for many years to go the colleges and universities in Manila. The city is about the size of the country of  Singapore but Singapore only has 4 Million people! We have jeepneys, tricycles, taxis, motorcycles, buses, cars, bicycles, light-rail transits, wagons, calesas, and more: all on the same road! We also boast the largest shopping malls in the world, where window-shopping is the national recreation, free air-conditioning! I have relatives in Singapore, Hongkong, England, US and in the Philippines. Every year, we go to Manila to visit. Whew! I don't think our family will ever stop travelling, this is a lifetime expense!
Eleven years ago, circumstances in our lives caused us to examine our priorities and realized that we needed God. Bert, at his lowest moment, became a born-again Christian in December 1994. God's wonderful works followed in 1995. Bert became involved with Promisekeepers. To date, he has attended five (5) Promisekeeper's Conferences where 50 to 100 thousand men gathered to praise and worship God! We have also attended the Family Life Marriage Conference five (5) times. We are not bragging about how many times we have been to one of these events. We would like to point out that it is good to go as often as anyone can, as in our case, every 2 years or so to get a refresher course on how to live with your life mate. For several years now, we have been involved in a parenting ministry called Growing Kids God's Way by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo of Growing Families International.
My conversion was a little slow. It took me over a year to catch up with Bert. My background is that of a very confused but religiously zealous person. Just like most  most Filipinos, I was born a Roman Catholic. But my parents were not devout members of the church, as a family, we would only go to church services twice a year - during Lenten Season or Holy Week and Christmas. Many of my relatives on my father's side are Jehovah's Witnesses. One of my brothers became a JW elder and had influenced me and my sisters theologically.
Although I was never baptised, it is safe to say I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness. In my high school years, I was very passionate about my JW beliefs that I convinced many of my classmates to abandon the Roman Catholic Youth Maryan Crusade. Many teachers hated me for it because the group eventually dissolved. This group held prayer vigils every afternoon in front of a statue of Mary. This was allowed in our public schools. As a matter of fact, groups like these were mostly created and supervised by teachers. In my elementary and high school years, part of Character Education is a religion class, and it was all Roman Catholic Theology. I was one of the few odd balls in the class who came from other faith backgrounds but had to sit and listen. It was assumed that everyone in the class was a Roman Catholic. That's another story I will have to write in another page!
Anyway, after Bert's first experience with Promise Keepers, I saw how he had become a new man. All aspects of his role as a husband and a father have changed dramatically since he became a Christian. I could no longer deny that God was a reality in our life and the search for peace and direction was over. On February 11, 1996, I accepted Christ to be my personal savior. We finally surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ all areas of our lives - everything from movies, music, books, our language, finances, education, and most importantly, our marriage. Thanks to the discipling of Ben and Tara Orchard. Ben (a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary) was our pastor when we were stationed in Hawaii, his discernment and friendship was very instrumental in molding Bert to what he is today. Ben's wife Tara was responsible for my conversion, she is the classic example of the Proverbs 31 woman.
In May 1996, Bert and I were baptized by Ben in the Pacific Ocean. On April 16, 1998, our oldest son Brian (just turning 6 years old back then) had accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior during Easter while we were doing our family devotion using the Resurrection Eggs. Brian was baptized on July 24, 1999 by Ben Orchard at the Ranger Indoor Pool, Atsugi Naval Air Facility, Japan.
Our youngest Elijah is no doubt being raised in a Christian home, that's all he's known since he was born. He loves the Lord Jesus!
Bert and I have been married for 16 years, we celebrated our 16th year on November 28, 2005. On the same day, my parents also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! I praise God for this wonderful blessing!
We believe that God gives each believer a gift/talent to help strengthen the body of Christ and that we are commanded to preach the word to everyone. Over the years, Bert and I have had many opportunities to facilitate the Growing Kids God's Way parenting class and the Right From Series by Josh McDowell.
Our family currently attends the NAS Corpus Christi Protest Chapel in Texas. Every Thursday night, we host the Officer Christian Fellowship (OCF) at our home where young aviators and students, single and married, come for fellowship, food, and Bible Study. Bert also teaches the adult Sunday School class whenever the chaplain is unavailable to teach it. He is also involved in a Men's Group.
Answering emails that we receive through our websites has also become an important ministry outreach for us. We get many prayer requests and questions on homeschooling and family issues. Web and email management is one my primary tasks.
At daytime, typical homeschooling schedule for Brian and Elijah runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (with plenty of interruptions and breaks). You might say 6 hours is too long! We are not rigid, we simply prefer order and organization to our day. We follow a traditional but flexible schedule. We still find time to do other things like website building, archery, etc. There is never a dull moment in our household! 
We also have two lovely cats named Boots and Gentle that we brought from our previous tour in Bahrain and a beautiful Australian Shepherd named Cowboy from Harrison Ranch in Whitesboro, Texas. 
I do have my hands full, but the rewards of teaching and being with my children cannot be purchased by all the money in the world!
God Bless you! May the Lord Jesus Christ always keep you in the fullness of His grace!
Bing, Bert, Brian, and Elijah Howard
This page was updated on December 30, 2005

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