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This is a listing of Christian publishers and suppliers whose catalogs and materials are primarily Christian and Bible-based.

We suggest that you request catalogs and brochures. Read them and compare. They are full of useful information and tips.

  • A Beka Book - Offers Christian books, curriculums, video courses, & support materials for PreK - 12. Phone at 1-800-874-3592. Write to A Beka Correspondence School,Box 18000, Pensacola, Fl. 32523

  • Alpha Omega Publications - is a Christian company that offers curriculum materials for pre-school thru high school.

  • A Reason for Writing / A Reason for Spelling - Handwriting & Spelling based on Scripture Verses & Values!

  • Bob Jones University Press - Offers Christian curriculum for grades K-4 - 12.

  • Canadian Christian Academy - Canadian Christian Academy is a retail supplier of educational materials with the option to enroll in a registered private school. C.C.A. has been helping home schooling families for over 20 years.

  • Can Do Kids Videotapes - Welcome to the Can Do Kids Web Site. At this site you will find out what the biggest gap in Christian Home School education is and how we can fill it. You will learn about learning styles, what they are and how you can use them for your benefit. You will see how our videotapes make learning math facts and concepts so fun and easy that your kids will ask to watch them over and over.

  • Canon Press - Canon Press and Book Service is a small publishing ministry of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho, and we are dedicated to providing "select literature for growing in Christian faithfulness."

  • Christian Books Distributor (CBD) - (CBD): World's largest distributor of Christian resources. For over 20 years has offered Christian books, music, Bibles, videos, software, gifts and more at the lowest prices and with unbeatable service. Over 75,000 items online! Their Homeschooling section is huge and very impressive!

  • Christian education Music Publishers, Inc. - Publisher of Your Musical Friends Christian Music Curriculum and Tapes for grades Kindergarten tthrough 4th grade. Contact Deborah Marsh, Parsonage Enterprises/CEMP, P.O. Box 388, 154 N. Railroad St., Brook, IN 47922.

  • Christ-Centered Publications - Scripture based curriculum for homeschool, Christian school, and family instruction in phonics, reading, grammar, and spelling to advanced levels; early math; and character development.

  • Choose Art - Choose Art is just what you've been waiting for - an art education curriculum for Christian boys and girls! And since it has been developed specifically for Christian students, spiritual objectives, as well as artistic and academic objectives, have been included and directly applied to the subject of art. Spiritual principles and character development are built right in!

  • Christian Liberty Academy/Christian Liberty Press - Offers K-12. Curriculums are a combination of materials from different publishers and are used in their actual classrooms. Their sattelite program (CLASS) is what we use for about $300, tests, evaluation, transcripts, and all materials included. They also offer the flexible Family Program where you do your own grading & recordkeeping. Other services are curriculum kits, testing service, and publishes many Christian books. Phone is (847) 259-444, Fax: 259-2941, Mailing address: 502 W. Euclid Ave., Arlington Heights, IL 60004.

  • Christian Light Education/Christian Light Publications - CHRISTIAN LIGHT PUBLICATIONS, INC., P.O. Box 1212, Harrisonburg, VA 22801-1212 USA, Phone: (540) 434-0768 -------- 8:30 to 5:00 Eastern Time FAX: (540) 433-8896 email: - "The CLE curriculum includes a variety of materials that are used in classroom schools, learning centers, home study, adult study, and in supplemental ways with other programs."

  • Classical Christian Homeschooling - Dedicated to Classical Christian Education at Home.

  • Cornerstone Curriculum Project - Homeschooling materials by David Quine for building families upon the Biblical World View.

  • Covenant Home Curriculum - Welcome to Covenant Home Curriculum, providers of a complete, eclectic, K-12, classical-approach curriculum, built upon the enduring strength of a Reformed Christian world view.

  • Doorposts Publishing - Bible-based parenting and family products to help you apply scripture in your home.

  • Education Plus - Patterning Learning Upon Scripture. DFesigned for the entire family to work together in an interdisciplinary way around the core of Scripture.

  • God's World Book Club - A one-stop source for home school resources. At God's World Book Club, we've been helping home schoolers and parents find the very best books and educational products for their children for 14 years. Our mission is to reinforce, through the sale of books and other home school resources, the philosophical and spiritual values expressed by God's World Publications. Emphasizing books with exceptional aesthetic, educational, and spiritual value, we at God's World Book Club always strive to offer you the best service, selection, and guarantee in the business.

  • Greenleaf Press - Especializes on History materials.

  • Grove Publishing - Since 1984, we have provided resources for the homeschooling community like the well-known Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manuals by Cathy Duffy. In recent years we've been busy expanding our line with helpful items like Teresa Moon’s How Do You Know They Know What They Know?, the hot, new title, HotHouse Transplants, and audio tapes featuring Cathy Duffy. Although we've come a long way, with many changes, our goal has remained the same: To help families successfully educate their own children!

  • Heart of Wisdom - Heart of Wisdom publishes a variety of homeschool materials to help Christian families bring up children with a hearts desire for true wisdom and knowledge from the Lord.

  • How Great Thou Art - Publisher of a Christian Art Course for ages preschool thru high school. Designed to enhance the education of the home schooling student in the area of the fine arts... Like having your own professional art teacher.

  • JOY Center of Learning - We are a Christian, home educating family committed to providing quality materials, curriculum, and information for healthy minds, souls, and bodies.

  • Keepers of the Faith - Welcome to Keepers of the Faith. We hope you find this site useful and enjoyable. We have always felt that rearing children is one of life’s most gratifying experiences. We have, therefore, spent the last 20 years developing programs and offering resources which make that rearing process easier, more structured, and more gratifying.

  • Konos - Bible-based Character Building Curriculum.

  • Mastery Publications - We want to help you "grow the best children possible" with the quality curriculum they deserve. So whether you are home schooling, supplementing your child's public school education, or trying to remediate your child's learning gaps. The author is Mrs. Letz Farmer, a Christian wife and home schooling mother (since 1989)with a degree in special education and mental retardation. Using a flexible, Christian format, with non-distracting layouts and games whenever possible, her materials work!

  • My Father's World From A-Z - Complete Kindergarten and First Grade Curriculum .

  • Nallenart Homeschool and Classroom Resources - Nallenart is committed to providing quality educational and resource materials to schools, home schools and churches. Nallenart products have been featured at numerous home education conferences in Canada including the Ontario Christian Home Educator's Connection, ACHEQ/ACEFQuebec, and Home Educators of New Brunswick. The L'ART DE LIRE French program for grades 3-8 provides a gentle, easy to use introduction to the joys of learning another language.

  • Professor B Mathematics - Our mission is to serve our Heavenly Father. We pray that this endeavor will serve Him and glorify His name as it enables parents and teachers to activate His gifts for learning and nurture superior mathematical performance in children.

  • Rod & Staff Publishers - Our teacher's manuals are designed with the beginning teacher (or parent) in mind. Our catalog is available to parents, and books may be ordered individually. We have a Curriculum Guide with class room scheduling aids. We offer telephone consultation. We publish a monthly school-related periodical entitled The Christian School Builder. (We also have available our School At Home brochure.) Rod and Staff is a publisher, however, not a school.

  • School of Tomorrow - An educational leader for over 25 years, School of Tomorrow offers a Biblically-based, individualized, self-instructional curriculum using mastery-based learning concepts. Providing a complete solution to your academic needs, we offer curriculum in all subjects for Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students.

  • Sonlight Curriculum - From individual books to complete curricula, Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. will meet your homeschooling needs. Pre-K thru 12.

  • Switched-On-SchoolHouse - By Alpha Omega Publications. Introducing Switched-On Schoolhouse, a dynamic multimedia curriculum for grades 3-12. With Switched-On Schoolhouse you can: - Cut grading time up to 90%. - Create lesson plans with the click of a button. - Stay organized through automatic record keeping. - Print lessons. - And so much more!

  • Teach And Learn Kids - We are an online educational website with over 6,000 educational items, featuring a Christian Catalog and a Toy and Gift catalog. Our mission is to "make education easier". We offer a secure server and we ship nationally and internationally.

  • The Back Pack - The Back Pack offers an incredible selection of new and used textbooks and supplemental materials for grades K-12 in all subject areas. Yes, we have traditional High School curriculum AND High School Electives! Be sure to request our Catalogue and check out our Complete Curriculum Packages.

  • The Book Peddler - Supplier of educational materials for home schooling families. Our resources include Pathway Readers, Saxon Math, GA Henty Books, Learning Language Arts through Literature, Daily Grams, Easy Grammar, Elsie Dinsmore Series (republished by Mantle Ministries), Doorpost character training materials, Unit Study Resources, Miquon and Key to... Math Series, Greenleaf Press materials, "Living Books", Dover Coloring Books, Classic literature, Five in a Row, Visual Manna Art, Dr. Jay Wile's High School Science for Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Biographies, Eagle's Wings Considering God's Creation, and much, much more...

  • The Elijah Company - We are a homeschooling family in our sixteenth year of teaching our own three boys. The Elijah Company started about 12 years ago when we found it impossible to get good teaching materials. (Believe it or not, there was once a day when nobody, not even today's big names in homeschooling, would sell to home schoolers!) Whenever we found something we really liked we would buy a few copies for our friends. We never intended to have a business, but, like Topsy in Uncle Tom's Cabin, it "just growed".

  • The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) - The Foundation for American Christian Education publishes classical education curriculum and resources based on the Principle Approach™ for Christian schools, home school parents, and Christians in general.

  • The Home School - The Home School provides free advice and homeschooling support from experienced homeschoolers to parents who have decided to homeschool their children. Our home school catalog offers a one-stop, comprehensive selection of more than 1,500 quality homeschooling books and resources. Free E-mail Newsletter and Free Hosmeschool Support Group Kits!

  • The Sycamore Tree provides Christian curriculum materials for grades K - 12.

  • Timberdoodle Company - Owned by a homeschooling family - meeting the needs of homeschooling families everywhere!

  • Treegate Publications - Literature based unit studies, Family Reading Guides, includes quick reference sheets, has a goal of enhancing critical thinking skills, wholesome Christian inspiration, and a simple fondness for learning in an economical and easy to use program.

  • Weaver Curriculum - A unit-based home education for children from preschool through high school that teaches fundamental knowledge and learning within the larger context of the Scriptures.

  • Your Story HourĀ®- Character-building cassette library and CD's, containing more than 500 dramatized stories taken from History, Scripture, and life experiences. Provides wholesome family entertainment! Kids love 'em!

    Please email us to suggest a link or make corrections.

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